{About On the Spot}



On the Spot in home mobile pet grooming provides a stress free grooming experience for you and your pet.  Your pet will feel at home because they are at home! The in-home pet grooming experience eliminates anxiety that pets experience in a shop environment. In-home grooming is convenient, personable, stress free, mess free and just a more loving experience for your pets.


We take the "Grrr" out of Grooming for your pet:

  • No pet car-sickness! 

  • No separation anxiety!

  • No other intimidating dogs!

  • No spending time in a cage!

  • No exposure to other pets! 

  • No stressed out groomers!



We come to you, and work with your individual pet’s needs. From start to finish your pet’s comfort is our first priority. We provide everything needed for the groom, with the exception of a bathing sink or bath tub. We set up in an area of your choosing, preferably a room with no carpet. All services include complimentary grooming area clean up.


We strive to use the best pet products made with natural ingredients.


In Home Mobile Pet Grooming