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We appreciate your interest in On The Spot! Mobile Pet Spa. We are not currently accepting new clients. Please click below to get on our waitlist.


From start to finish your pet's comfort is our first priority!

On the Spot was founded in 2012 with the promise to put your pup's overall health and well-being first! 

We provide a holistic grooming experience that eliminates the stress and anxiety that pets experience in a shop environment.

We are owner-operated by 3 sisters who are professionals with a serious passion for pups. 

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And we're on a mission to create the new standard of grooming in the Greater Cincinnati area!

Certified & Insured

International Professional Groomers

IJA Competition Grooming Winner

AKC Certificate Program Participant

Thumbtack Top Professional Award



Consistent grooming is not a luxury, it's a necessity!

But grooming doesn't have to be stressful or inconvenient. 

We take the Grrr... out of grooming!

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Website Images for OTS (4).png
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No need to transport dogs that have a hard time climbing into cars.


Say goodbye to doggy car sickness or travel anxiety.

Mess-free for you. No need to use your tub, water or electricity- all supplies and equipment needed for the groom are built into the Mobile Pet Spa. 

the ultimate in curbside convenience: 

a gentle-touch personalized approach



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No other loud barking dogs.


No crowded shop full of groomers or other clients and their pets.

No phones ringing or distractions taking away from your pet's grooming experience.

A positive customized experience with lots of TLC for your pup.

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No spending hours in cages waiting to be groomed.

No contact with other pets means no risk of anxiety, injury or illness.

A gentler option for pups with special needs such as:  first-time puppy grooms,  elderly dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, trouble standing, climbing in and out of tubs or walking on slick floors, or dogs with separation anxiety, travel anxiety and car sickness. 

a relaxing spa-like environment



unmatched quality + service

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High-end hypo-allergenic styling products without harsh dyes, chemicals or fragrances.


Professional groomers with extensive knowledge of each individual breed standards and show styles.

Bath with massage, silky coat conditioner and blueberry facial scrub included in every service .

Specialty services are available upon request including Reiki, Aromatherapy, skin treatments, and more...

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We've combined the highest quality groom with a tranquil spa-like environment and the ultimate convenience of coming to you...


On the Spot Testimonials (11).png
On the Spot Testimonials (11).png
On the Spot Testimonials (11).png
On the Spot Testimonials (11).png
On the Spot Testimonials (11).png
On the Spot Testimonials (11).png
On the Spot Testimonials (11).png


*Please note our service areas include West Chester, Liberty Twp, Fairfield Twp., Mason, Deerfield Twp, Eastern Hamilton, and nearby communities.*


Andrea Rutherford


Andrea is an award-winning AKC Certified Groomer and passionate pet care advocate. 

She's also a mom to three beautiful blonde girls Ella, Ever & Eden, and a pretty poodle named Anna! 

Andrea founded On the Spot as an In-Home grooming service after spending almost a decade working in luxury pet resorts and grooming shops in the greater Cincinnati area. 

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She realized the need for a stress-less grooming experience, especially puppies, anxiety-prone and elderly dogs!

So she struck out on her own to provide the ultimate grooming experience with the convenience and comfort of grooming inside your own home. 

Over the last 5 years she's been able to positively impact the lives of hundreds of local pups and provide them with the specialized care they need for their health and well-being.

Now with the expansion and addition of our Mobile Pet Spa she'll be able to serve even more pups and offer more pet parents the convenience of coming to them!

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Emily Stevens


Emily is an avid animal-lover ​turned professional groomer!

She's a proud step-mom to Adrian and Makayla, and has two pups Roscoe ( a rescue mix) & Gelato the pitbull, as well as, a tortoiseshell tabby cat named Marble.

Emily is a pet-care and grooming industry veteran, spending well over a decade providing services for pets at Luxury Pet Resorts and grooming shops throughout the greater Cincinnati region. 

Emily has a huge soft spot for dogs and joined the team at On the Spot shortly after its opening because of the benefits grooming outside the traditional shop environment can bring for both pups and pet parents.

She loves being able to offer extra time and attention to get to know each pup and their parents, and takes great pride in providing that next level of care for her clients!


More than anything, she enjoys being able to care for her clients' entire well-being by giving pups a great groom and offering comfort and convenience without the separation anxiety, car sickness or travel anxiety that are so common in trips to a grooming salon.

Kristie Lammi


Kristie is the newest member to the On The Spot team!


She has a passion for both people and pets, and loves going the extra-mile to provide exceptional experiences for our clients with and without fur!

She's fur-mom of two fluffy Norwegian Forest Cats named Nicky Fu & PJ, and a crazy but sweet German Shepherd puppy named Oden.

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With over 15 years of Business, Sales and Customer Service experience working in Fortune 500 Hospitality Companies, she came on board to manage the business operations and logistics of the Mobile Pet Spa, as well as, assisting in providing our five-star customer service.

She believes so deeply in providing that next-level care for our clients and takes great joy in knowing that our services change the lives of so many pups and their parents.

She's excited about the expansion and addition of the Pet Spa, and pumped about our promise to set a new standard of grooming in the Greater Cincinnati area!

On the Spot Testimonials (10).png
On the Spot Testimonials (10).png
On the Spot Testimonials (10).png
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